Our Values

While the statement of faith seeks to lay a foundation in what we believe, the purpose of expressing core values is to connect what we believe to what we practice.  The core values stated below are necessary implications of our beliefs.  In striving to be faithful to the whole will of God,CovenantCommunityChurchbelieves certain key biblical values are fundamental and must characterize who we are.  Without a balanced and comprehensive fulfillment of each of these values we will be significantly less than what God desires His church to be.  These values include the following:

  1. The glory of God is our highest aim.
  2. The Gospel is of first importance.
  3. Our unity and maturity depends on a commitment to knowledge of God’s word and the proper application of it.
  4. Prayer is an indispensable expression of our love, gratitude, and affection toward God.
  5. We are the church, the gathered people of God, called to be a community that loves one another.
  6. We are committed to preserving and strengthening God-honoring marriages and families.

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