• Sunday Worship – While everything we do should be an act of worship to God, our expression of worship climaxes as we gather together for corporate worship on Sunday mornings at 10:00.  Our services include rich worship music and the exposition of God’s Word.  We are committed to authentic corporate worship that is God-centered, Spirit led and truthful, heartfelt, and orderly.  On the first and third Sundays our worship concludes with the Lord’s Supper.  On the second and fourth Sundays we have a fellowship meal following the service.
  • Small Group Bible Studies – Small group studies, for any adult or teen interested in learning more about the Bible, provide opportunity to study God’s Word in a group size that allows for more personal sharing and discussion.  In addition to learning God’s Word and being encouraged to apply it in daily life, the small groups also provide opportunity for encouragement and support.  These groups study a variety of topics and meet on different days and at different times.  Please contact the church for more details concering these.
  • Men’s/Women’s Bible Studies – The Men’s/Women’s Bible studies provide opportunity for studying, discussing, and applying God’s Word in the context of men or women living out their faith.  There are several studies currently taking place.  Again, please see contact the church for more details.
  • Children’s Ministry – On Sunday mornings, during the message portion of the service, the children go to the fellowship area for a teaching time geared more for them.  This time includes biblical teaching, prayer, and hands on activities.  This ministry is for pre-junior high children.  Childcare for infants is also available.
  • Youth Ministry Studies- The junior high and high school youth will start meeting on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:00 at the church beginning September 7, 2016 and will continue throughout the school year. Contact Jed Francis in the contacts section if you have any questions.

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