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11/28/2016 Answering Our Questions About Suicide

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Like many of us, some of you may have questions regarding Duane’s suicide.  I tried to answer three of these questions during the funeral message.  They included:

  1. Is suicide a sin?
  2. Am I responsible in some way for Duane’s death?
  3. Does suicide keep a person from going to heaven?
Duane’s passing was shocking and disturbing.  Suicide is probably one of the greatest tragedies that we can experience, but I’m so thankful that God’s grace is far greater.  This grace has been witnessed in this past week as healing is taking place and as many were able to be encouraged by God’s word and many also heard the good news of Jesus and had the chance to place their faith in Him.  Pray the seeds that were planted are growing and will bear much fruit.  Also continue to pray for Lori and the family.
One question that I didn’t answer that could have been is “How could a true follower of Jesus do this?” We see seven suicides in the Bible.  The ones most of us are most familiar with are Sampson (pulled pillars down and the roof over him collapsed killing himself and many Philistines), Saul (killed himself with the assistance of his armor bearer after being wounded in battle) and Judas.  Of the seven, only Sampson’s actions are viewed in any kind of positive light.  We also see in the Bible that some of the men who had great faith also struggled with discouragement (Moses, Elijah, Job).  We also can have times or moments when we become discouraged and struggle with what’s going on.  Because we live in this broken world, discouragement is a part of it, but God always holds out grace and hope for us but we must look to Him, trust, and allow Him to lead us.  Unfortunately Duane did not do this towards the end and chose his way.  This doesn’t disqualify him from the family of God.  (I believe Duane has faith in Christ.) Rather, it’s a moment or time of unfaithfulness.  I believe Duane became so overwhelmed and his thinking became distorted to the point that he believed this was the best way.
If you have other questions I would welcome the opportunity to try and point you towards God’s truths.
God bless!