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07/10/2016 A World of Unjust Suffering

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2 Timothy. In light of the recent events of unrest taking place in the nation, we take a break from our study on the psalms to take a look at 2 Timothy. We are given the setting in which the letter was written, then we read through the letter, and are given application questions to help us think through how we, as Christians, should respond to not only these currents events but all suffering.

12/06/2015 Love and Obedience

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Today we pick up where we left off in our study of John. Jesus and his disciples are coming to the conclusion of their time together in the upper room. Jesus uses these final minutes with His own to help them discover more about their love and obedience for him and the blessings that flow from those things. And we do the same in our study of the words He shares.