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08/06/2017 A Savior From Heaven

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Philippians 3:20-4:1. Our study now contrasts the hopes and ambitions of those enemies of the cross and their earthly mindsets with the hope believers have in their coming Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the hope for those who believe and when he returns he will glorify those who eagerly wait for him. In this moment Jesus will be fully revealed in all of his glory.

07/30/2017 What Are You Looking At?

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Philippians 3:17-19. Paul continues to encourage the Philippian church to live a life worthy of the gospel by asking them to imitate his example and to keep their eyes on those who walk according to that example. He contrasts this example with the lifestyles of those who are on the path to destruction. In our study we find 8 characteristics of genuine faith that make it observable.

07/09/2017 Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me

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Philippians 2:25-30. After describing Timothy’s outstanding character, Paul now moves on to describe another brother in the faith as one who is to be honored. Epaphroditus’ struggles in serving Paul for the Philippian church are used as example of how we are to pick up our cross daily and follow Jesus.

Service concluded with a baptism and testimony.

05/07/2017 The Advance of the Gospel

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Philippians 1:12-18. After expressing his thankfulness, affections, and his prayers for the church in Philippi, Paul now begins the body of the letter with a progress report. He wants his brothers to know that the gospel is indeed advancing despite his imprisonment, but that the advancement is not without adversity. How does he respond to the adversity?